How Do I Add a new Vehicle or Replace My Vehicle

On the hamburger menu at the top left of the app, choose the My Account option. 


Under the My Account menu, select Vehicles.


Click the Add Vehicle button. Please note that removing your old vehicle before you add your new one could impact upcoming trips. 


Follow the prompts on the screen to add supporting details for you vehicle. 


Once submitted, the vehicle will go into a pending state while it is waiting to be approved by the UZURV staff. 


While the team is approving the vehicle, you can proceed to uploading supporting documentation such as your registration and insurance. To do this, return to My Account and select Transit Programs

Choose any transit program from the list and click the three dots to the right. 


Choose the Upload/Update documents option. 


Click the Show button next to Documents and complete any missing requirements. 



Once you upload a document for your vehicle to one transit program, this document will automatically be associated to all other transit programs that require the same document. 

After you have uploaded all documents associated with your new vehicle, the UZURV team will review your documents and ask for any corrections if needed. 

Once all documents are approved, you may remove any old vehicles from your account if necessary. 


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