General Driver Requirements

General Driver Requirements (all city, state, and program requirements will be followed)

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Must have a valid US Driver’s License
  • Must pass a criminal background check–minimum of 7 years
      • No felonies, no drug charges, no charges involving violence, etc.
  • A lifetime check will be performed on the National Sex Offender Registry
      • No DUI/DWI, state law determines moving violation regulations
  • Must pass a motor vehicle record background check
  • Some programs require a drug/alcohol screening

Please note that the above list is our minimum standard, however some of our programs have additional criteria that may disqualify a driver.  Every state law is unique and every contract has requirements that are often specific to that contract. Our support staff will be able to give you more specific information on programs in your market.  Contact

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