On Demand Rides FAQ


What is an on demand ride? 

An on demand ride is a ride where the pickup time is now, rather than a scheduled date in the future. On demand rides are filled as quickly as possible, as the rider is currently waiting. An example of an on demand ride would be a rider finishing up a doctor's appointment and needing a ride home. 

Where can I see on demand rides in the app? 

On demand trips will appear at the top of the feed. If this section of the app doesn't have any trips showing in it, it means there are currently no on demand rides available in your area. If a new on demand reservation is added to the feed, you will receive a push notification. 


How long do I have to wait after expressing interest? 

The system will select a driver 5 minutes after the trip enters the feed. The sooner you express interest the better! Be sure to stay online while you are waiting. If you go offline, you will not be selected for the trip. 

Who gets selected for on demand rides? 

The driver who dropped off the rider on the A leg of the trip will have priority over other drivers for B leg of the trip when showing interest. If the A leg driver is unavailable, the system will look at other drivers who have expressed interest, and select a driver close to the rider's location.

Reminder: The goal is to have the rider picked up as soon as possible. UZURV is unable to wait past the initial 5 minutes for the A leg driver to show interest. 

What happens if I am unable to leave for my on demand ride now? 

We discourage you from accepting on demand trips if you are unable to immediately go en route. On demand trips are subject to our standard cancellation rules. Excessive cancellations will negatively impact how often you are selected for future trips. 


Can you show me what this new functionality looks like? 

Sure, check out our video below


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