What route should I take?

- The initial estimated trip distance is calculated by our system depending on estimated conditions (traffic patterns, weather, construction, etc).
- An additional route estimate based on real-time conditions is created at the time the Driver indicates "in-progress"
Drivers are requested to choose the fastest route as indicated by the selected navigation app
If multiple routes of the same duration are provided, drivers are requested to follow the shorter (mileage) route
During the trip the vehicle's latitude and longitude is captured and timestamped approximately every 300 meters depending on GPS signal strength.
- When the trip is completed, the captured GPS data is used to determine the actual route taken and calculate the distance and duration.
- The calculated actual distance and duration is compared to the estimate created at the start of the trip. If the actual route deviates significantly from the estimated, it will be reviewed and approved or adjusted, as necessary, by UZURV operations.
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