Driver On-Time Performance Policy


Driver Cancellation: The act of returning a previously paired ride request prior to the execution of the trip. 

Scheduled Trip: A trip reservation where the pick-up time is scheduled in advance 

On-Demand Trip: A trip reservation where the expected pick-up time is as soon as possible


UZURV drivers are expected to arrive at or before the scheduled pick-up time to all paired reservations. Driver must meet the following requirements to be considered on time:

  •  Arrive no more than five (5) minutes early on scheduled trips
  • Arrive no more than one (1) minute late on scheduled trips
  • Proceed directly to pick-up location after trip pairing for on-demand reservation 

UZURV drivers must report to the operation's staff in the event that they will be late to a rider pick-up. Drivers that are too early or late to scheduled pick-ups or take detours from the recommended route will be subject to penalty, including the loss of additional incentives and suspension from the platform.

  • Arriving after the scheduled pick-up time up to 9 minutes late will be considered
  • Arriving ten (10) minutes or more late. Reduction or removal of trip incentive
  • Arriving fifteen (15) or more minutes early. Reduction or removal of trip incentive
  • Arriving fifteen (15) or more minutes late. Removal of trip incentive, removal or trip, and possible suspension.

Drivers are permitted to cancel a reservation with the following actions upon cancellation:

  • Trip cancellation greater than 120 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up assumes no penalty.
  • Trip cancellation less than 120 minutes but greater than 60 minutes before the scheduled pick-up. Driver charged $5.00 late cancellation fee
  • Trip cancellation less than 60 minutes before scheduled pick-up time. Driver $5.00 cancellation fee and 24 hour suspension. Driver is able to continue to complete their scheduled trips, but may not show interest in new trips.
  • Drivers are expected to keep a cancellation rate below 10%. 

Drivers that fail to complete a scheduled reservation and do not cancel prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be considered a driver no-show. Drivers will be charged a $5.00 fee and suspended from the platform for 48 hours for a driver no-show. This suspension will cancel all scheduled trips during that time frame and the driver will not be able to show interest in new trips.

UZURV retains the right to review the circumstances surrounding a late cancellation or driver no-show and determine whether or not to administer the fines and or suspension.


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