Why aren’t there any reservations requests in the UZURV Feed?

UZURV has only been in the app store since April 2016. Awareness among riders will grow gradually over time as more riders are referred to the platform. We appreciate your assistance in taking an active role in building the ridership in your market. Your potential Referral Rewards payout and the total number of riders on the platform is increased by referrals from drivers like you.


Here’s what you can do to increase the number of riders using UZURV:

Online Promotions. Post about UZURV on social media and be sure to include your Invitation Code!

In-Person Networking. Order business cards and flyers at a discounted rate from: Hand the materials out to passengers, friends, etc. to help raise awareness.


If you have filters set to restrict certain times, this will also reduce your ability to see all available requests. If you never see any requests, we recommend that you remove all filters until you are satisfied with the number of requests you are receiving. We are working hard to add more and more riders every day.

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