I’m expressing interests in reservations, but I’m not being selected. Why not?

For most riders, it’s all about the driver profiles. Unless riders know you personally they will be deciding which driver to choose based on the quality of the photos, bios and whether the driver’s amenities meet their needs.


  1. Perfect your packaging. In this visual world we live in, you need to make sure your profile is up to par. Upload a focused, well lit, attractive photograph of yourself that is appropriate for a professional profile. (Think LinkedIn!) Also, make sure your vehicle is looking it’s best -- it’s clean and shot with an attractive background.
  2. Riders love amenities. Make sure you do not leave any amenities out. A lot of riders have special needs and the difference between choosing you or someone else could be access to a phone charger or whether or not you’re kid friendly. (Also, a rider may search for particular amenities so you may be filtered out unnecessarily if you skip this part.)
  3. Make your copy count. Your bio is limited to 150 characters. When writing your bio, go beyond the usual descriptions like “I’m friendly” and find unique ways to express yourself. Be concise. Much like Twitter, you want to make every word count. See a sample bio below:


“A native of Richmond and Uber driver since August 12, 2015. I will greet you with a smile and southern hospitality. Choose me for 5-star service."

UZURV is all about relationships. The best way to get requests? Recruit your own riders & refer these people to the app.


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