How to determine which level of UBER service? UberX, XL, UberSelect, and Black Car?

We're excited to announce another much requested enhancement to the UZURV app. The ability for riders to select not only cars, SUV's or vans; they will also be able to request a premium experience from their Uber or Lyft drivers.

These new options correspond to Uber and Lyft as follows:

  • Basic - UberX, Lyft
  • Large - UberXL, Lyft Plus
  • Luxury - UberBlack, UberSelect, Lyft Premier

This preference will be entered along with other reservation details like pickup, dropoff, date, time, incentive amount and Favorite Drivers Only.

This new feature will also give drivers the ability to offer the level of service they prefer and set clear expectations with their riders in terms of quality and price.

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