Driver Cancellation & No Show Policy

Cancellation Policy

If a driver cancels…

  • More than two hours before the trip will return to the feed. No action will be taken with the Driver.
  • Less than two hours before the schedule pickup time, he/she will be charged a cancellation fee of $5.00. He/she may be SUSPENDED from using the system.
  • 60-120 minutes= $5 cancellation fee
  • 60 minutes- 0 minutes= $5 cancellation + *Suspension
  • Suspension= 24 hours, keeps scheduled trips, no new trips in feed for 24 hours.
  • A drivers cancellation rate will be taken into consideration by the system when selecting for reservations.

No Show Policy

For drivers, we expect you to call the rider via the app (blue telephone) to attempt to locate the rider.

If a rider is reported as a no-show after the appropriate waiting time…

  • The driver will receive a $7.00 no-show fee that will be added into his/her driver bank in the app. 

If a driver is reported as a no show... 

  • The driver will be suspended for 2 days. All scheduled trips will be removed from the driver.
  • Driver will pay a $5 No Show fee.
  • If not “en route” at the time of the reservation and no contact the Driver is considered a no show.


Late Policy

If a driver is reported as late for a pickup (more than 10+ minutes past the reserved pickup time)...

  • He/she will lose the incentive for that trip and may be marked as a no-show
  • Continual late reports may result in suspension from the program
  • Exceptions can be made by the Operations team if circumstances prove to be beyond the control of the driver 

Please Note: UZURV may suspend or deactivate a user for any reason and at any time to preserve the integrity of the UZURV brand. 


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