Cancellation & No Show Policy

Cancellation Policy

If a rider cancels…

  • More than two hours before the schedule pickup time, no action is taken.
  • Less than two hours before the pickup time, he/she will be charged a service fee of $5.00, which will be paid to the driver. Additional fees may be charged according to the program guidelines.

If a driver cancels…

  • More than two hours before the trip will return to the feed. No action will be taken with the Driver.
  • Less than two hours before the schedule pickup time, he/she will be charged a cancellation fee of $5.00. He/she may be SUSPENDED from using the system.

No Show Policy

We ask that users allow at least 10 minutes before reporting their rider or driver as a no-show.  Riders should schedule their pickup times accordingly.  For drivers, we expect you to call the rider via the app (blue telephone) to attempt to locate them.

If a rider is reported as a no-show after the appropriate waiting time…

  • The driver will be awarded a $5.00 no-show fee to be added unto his/her driver bank in the app. 

If a driver is reported as a no show... 

  • He/she will be charged a no-show fee of $5.00.
  • He/she will be SUSPENDED. The Driver may write into

Late Policy

If a driver is reported as late for a pickup (more than 15 minutes past the reserved pickup time)...

  • He/she will lose the incentive for that trip and may be marked as a no-show
  • Continual late reports may result in suspension from the program
  • Exceptions can be made by the Operations team if circumstances prove to be beyond the control of the driver 

Please Note: UZURV may suspend or deactivate a user for any reason and at any time to preserve the integrity of the UZURV brand. 


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