How do I receive my Incentive and UZURV360 fares?

Until we transition to our in-app Driver Payout system, a valid PayPal account is REQUIRED.  Please be sure to include the correct email address associated with your account through the link below so we can send your monthly incentive payout.  Incentive payments will be sent by the 7th of each month.  If you have made less than $5 in Incentives, that payment will be rolled over to the following month.  You are able to view your total monthly earnings at any time using the UZURV Bank, located on the sidebar menu in the Driver App.



UZURV360 Payments

For drivers that completed trips on the UZURV360 app, those fares will be added to their driver bank in the UZURV Driver app.  Rides that are completed from Monday to Sunday are paid on Wednesday the following week with their incentive payment.


*Please reach out to or for any questions and concerns.

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