How does the UZURV Referral Rewards Program work?

You Deserve to be Rewarded

UZURV was created for on-demand drivers, by on-demand drivers, so we recognize how essential the driver's role is in attracting new users to the app. As a result, we have created our Referral Rewards Program*. We believe strongly that drivers who are active in the UZURV system, successfully completing at least 10 reservations a month, should be rewarded for helping make the app a success. 

Drivers are compensated as follows:

Rider Referrals

  • Share your UZURV Invitation Code with riders.

  • For every rider you refer who enters your code at sign-up, you will receive 7% of the reservation fee we collect EVERY TIME they ride, regardless of which driver they select.

  • Your name will also automatically appear on the rider’s Favorite Drivers list so they can easily select you for future reservations.

Driver Referrals

  • Share your Invitation Code with fellow drivers.

  • For each driver you refer to UZURV who enters your code at sign up, you will receive 7% of the acceptance fee we collect EVERY TIME they accept a reservation.

You will be able to track within the app how many successful referrals you have made, how close you are to completing 10 reservations for the month, and how much money you will make if you do so. Referral rewards are paid out by UZURV to eligible users on a monthly basis. 

*Please Note: The Referral Rewards Program is subject to UZURV terms and conditions. UZURV reserves the right to amend the program from time to time, in which case users will be notified. Service fee amounts will vary by market. Referral rewards do not roll over into the next month.

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